Hi, my name is Georgia Verrells and I live in Melbourne, Australia.

      Born in London, raised in Sydney and with the annual trip back to the UK in the Summer I was instilled with a desire to travel from an early age. Family photo albums were filled with adventures from locations both East and West and when attending my last years of school I started recording my own exploits through my first Camera.

      My love is in photography and I love to work on projects, my passion is working with people and places. I want to know you and your story. As a couple and as individuals. My aim is to understand who you are and the love you share. This allows me to capture you both in the most honest way possible. I’m passionate about wedding and lifestyle photography and documenting the biggest day of two peoples lives, if you are looking for a wedding photographer please send me an email as I would love to discuss your big day. My approach to wedding photography is photojournalistic and discreet.

      I work locally, nationally and Internationally. I love to explore new locations and meet new people.

      Photography is not just my job. It’s my passion.