On shooting; I always make sure I nail my exposure in camera and always shoot RAW! Starting with a good image does more than any processing can achieve.

      What I’ve learnt, the most important thing to remember though is that we are all different, if you try and replicate someone else’s work you’ll only be a worse version of them. If you do you, you can create your own style and create the best work that is you. I experimented for years and still do, it’s so important to grow and find your own groove.

      On programs, Having programs that will help you to do your job before and after the wedding day and save you 100s of hours is what will be the key with having more time to spend time on the things you love.

      On gear, a fast lens and a backup camera does a world of different rather than using say a kit lens or a camera that doesn’t deal well with darker environments. Spending the money on more better and usually more expensive gear makes a huge difference.

      Without the help of these programs or wonderful companies I would not be able to run a successful business in Wedding Photography in Melbourne. They have created time for me to spend with my loved ones and time to focus on other parts of my work. Here are a few of my favourite programs and some discount codes to get you a discount on your subscriptions.


      Imagen is an artificial intelligence-powered photo editing desktop app for Adobe Lightroom workflows. It’s amazing! Ai editing! What the?! Well I am obsessed with ImagenAI, basically when you start using it you will upload enough of your own edited catalogs and it will learn how you edit and from here will build your profile. It will then streamline your editing in a click!

      I’m also an ambassador for them, but I was using them before this happened so I can honestly say they are amazing. With the below discount code for ImagenAI you will get 1500 free edits to get you started!


      Narrative is built for photographers, storytellers and bloggersNarrative select and publish makes it easy to get images from Lightroom onto your website so you can focus on creating beautiful stories. I use it all the time! I’m not sure how I blogged before Narrative to be honest and I’m so glad as a wedding photographer in Melbourne that I can blog so easily with Narrative. This discount code will give you 15% off. I’m also an affiliate with this company.

      Code: georgiaverrells

       Narrative Select is the fastest and smartest way to cull in my opinion. Select is a macOS desktop program that uses AI technology to assist professional photographers in image selection.The goal behind the creation of this software is to speed up culling by using various integrated tools, such as blink and blur detection, close-ups of one or several subjects’ faces or parts of an image, and a quick zoom-to-face. The below discount code for narrative select will give you 10% off:

      Code: georgiaverrells1820

      LIFE LONG DEAL with Narrative


      Pictime is another favourite of mine, I’m also an ambassador for them. Pic-Time is a revolutionary online gallery and store platform with a strong belief that looks & aesthetics should be the first characteristic of every gallery. Pic-Time has a built-in client store, automated sales features and much more, all created to drive photographers’ sales up. 

      Through Pictime I give my couples their beautiful galleries in a seamless way where they can download their files full size or web size as well as being able to buy fine art prints, albums, frames and other items! I also have unlimited storage which is really helpful for client backups. You can watch a video about pictime here

      This code will give you your first month for FREE!

      Code: georgia


      Studio Ninja is the best client management software I’ve come across, I’m a huge believer in supporting local and they are from my city in Melbourne Victoria, so being a Melbourne Photographer here how could I resist! I’m also an ambassador for this company.

      Okay what does it do? Well you can link up your xero (accounting software), keep track of weddings, when you are booked, send auto emails and make your workflow so so much easier and more efficient!

      Code gives you 50% off a year!

      Code: GEORGIA


      Atkins Lab make life easier for photographers and more beautiful for their clients. I use Atkins to print all my albums and I can not fault them! They are another Australian company as well. They are run by the most amazing people. I have tried 4 other album companies both Australian and American based and have had bad experiences with album companies until I found Atkins. They make the most beautiful hand made albums that are the most unique and the best quality that I have found on the market for wedding albums to date. You can read more about my albums I do with them here. Contact Atkins


      GEAR I USE

      • Sony a7 IV Camera body x2
      • 24mm 1.4 Sony GM
      • 35mm 1.4 Sony GM
      • 50mm 1.4 Sony GM
      • 85mm 1.4 Sony GM
      • Sony wireless radio transmitter
      • Sony high speed flash x2
      • Sony tough cards 64GB x6
      • Sandisc back up cards (I never use these but good to have a backup)
      • W Series charger and battery kit