If you like my work enough to send me an email then that means you’re considering having me as your wedding photographer which is awesome! I’m all about capturing the real and putting all my heart and passion into my work.

      There are a lot of different photographers out there, choose one that is right for you. I’m interested in the real, I don’t believe in telling you how to pose just to get photos just like everyone else, I want to tell your day, and show your real love. I want you to feel comfortable with me, be yourselves and have fun so that I can capture genuine emotion and tell your personal story.

      My aim is to show through my practice the most authentic moments throughout the day, the laughs and the tears. I want you to be able to look back at your wedding photos and relive every moment. I want your day to be relaxed and be the most enjoyable for yourselves.

      I want to create together and dig deeper so I can capture photos of you two for who you are and what your relationship is, not just some staged posed photos of you standing somewhere pretty.

      But I want to give you what you look back on again and again and remember how you felt at that exact time.