Hi, my names Georgia Verrells

      and I am a wedding photographer in Melbourne. There are a lot of different photographers out there—choose one that is right for you.
      I currently live in Coburg with my partner. I love traveling, Mexican food, and day trips out of Melbourne. I have always had a passion for photography.
      I grew up on the south coast of Sydney in a town near Wollongong before I moved to London. From there, I traveled for a few years before completing my degree in Communication Design in Melbourne. I started my own wedding photography business a few years ago and found out what really makes me happiest is photographing couples in love, their stories, and their weddings.
      I’m about “real” photos—the ones that make you actually feel something and bring you back to that moment. I want to capture the honesty and rawness that will show what your love is through my wedding photography.